Harris County Visitation Dress Code Guide [2024]


Are you planning to visit a friend or loved one at Harris County custody facilities? Great! Following the Harris County Visitation Dress Code guidelines is essential to make your visit safe.

Harris County has a strict policy to ensure the safety and security of all inmates, visitors, and staff, including dressing appropriately.

Please avoid wearing revealing or provocative clothing with any offensive language or graphics. We want to make sure you don’t face restricted visitation,

so please take a moment to review and follow the Harris County Jail Visitation Dress Code Guidelines before visiting your loved one.

Harris County Visitation Dress Code

  • Visitors must abide by the dress code, or visitation will be restricted.
  • No dress/shorts/skirts above mid-thigh.
  • No revealing and see-through clothing.
  • No sleeves shorter than halfway down the upper arm.
  • No spandex or tights without shorts/skirt.
  • No clothing displaying vulgar or harsh language, drawings, or gang affiliation.

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